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Historic House Tours 2024

Mission Statement
Preserve our past by making it compatible with the present and relevant to our future!

Flemington’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) was established in accordance with Section 1404 of the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance. The HPC is an advisory body which encourages the repair and retention of building elements for all historic landmark structures within Flemington’s Historic District. The HPC acts in an advisory role to the Borough’s Planning Board. The HPC consists of members who have experience and/or interest in preservation, history, architecture and building construction.

The HPC enforces the Borough’s Historic Preservation Ordinance through the review of applications from property owners. This practice ensures that repairs, alterations, renovations, additions and new construction are completed within the Ordinance Guidelines and with respect for the historic properties, their environment, and the Borough residents. The HPC members are assisted in their efforts with input and guidance from credentialed and experienced architects with an extensive background in historic preservation and who serve as advisors.

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