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The goals of the Flemington Historic Preservation Commission are to:

  • Preserve the character of Flemington’s Historic District

  • Encourage the retention of historic residences and public buildings

  • Encourage the maintenance and repair of historic properties performed with respect to each building’s character

  • Promote economically viable community redevelopment through appropriate treatment and adaptive reuse

  • Provide an increased understanding and appreciation of our local cultural heritage


The HPC partners with Borough residents and property owners to:

  • Regulate and enforce the Flemington Historic Preservation Ordinance.

  • Review proposed new construction and redevelopment plans for compatibility with the Historic District and ensure alterations are historically appropriate for the building and surrounding environment.

  • Review proposed applications for demolition to determine whether a negative impact on the district’s integrity would result.

  • Advise building owners on historically appropriate and cost-effective solutions for projects of any size and type.


In meeting one of its primary goals, the Flemington Historic Preservation Commission proudly provides educational outreach to the community each year.  The Commission designs and mails to all property owners in the Historic District a postcard that features a property (residence or business) which has made exemplary exterior improvements by meeting Ordinance guidelines and respecting the history and integrity of the building and its environment.

The following are some of the Commission’s past postcard mailers:

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