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The Flemington Historic Preservation Commission is offering for sale a plaque designating your property as being located in the Nationally Recognized Flemington Historic District.
Created by Wilton Armetale in Armetale metal, they are an attractive addition to your historic property Identifying it as a piece of Flemington’s historic heritage.  Plaques are for sale at Borough Hall at $65.00 each and supplies are limited.

Please call the Historic Preservation Commission at Borough Hall (908) 782-8840, or see the office staff to purchase yours today. Identify with History!

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The HPC gratefully appreciates any donations that help us with:

  • Preserving the character of Flemington’s Historic District.

  • Encouraging the retention of historic buildings and features.

  • Encouraging maintenance and repair of historic buildings performed with respect to the building’s character.

  • Promoting economically viable community redevelopment through proper treatment.

  • Providing an increased understanding and appreciation of our local cultural heritage.

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