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Property owners should contact the Borough Building Department in the earliest planning stages to determine if an HPC Review is required. Except for maintenance activity, all exterior work on properties in the Historic District or designated landmarks require an HPC Review. This includes changes to all existing structures and the construction of additions or new structures. An HPC Review is not required for ordinary repair or maintenance in kind or for interior alterations that do not affect the exterior.

Items that usually fall under review are, but are not limited to, replacement of windows, roofs, porches, gutters and siding. Paint color approval is only required if a change is proposed.

If it is determined that an HPC Review is required, you will be asked to complete and submit an application (see Forms Page on this site), describing your project as requested along with any attending documents such as plans, drawings, pictures, etc. Upon receipt of this completed form, you will be invited to present your request at the next scheduled HPC regular meeting. These meetings occur on the third Wednesday of each month at Borough Hall. There is no cost for these reviews.



For applicants seeking to repaint properties within the Historic District, a list of historic paint palettes is provided within the Exterior Paint guidelines. If an applicant chooses colors from among these palettes, the proposed work is eligible for administrative review rather than a full review.  The applicant is still required to submit an application to the HPC explaining his/her proposed work; however, the applicant is not required to present the application in person at the next scheduled HPC regular meeting, as this review process will be completed electronically. If an applicant selects colors from the palette not listed in the exterior paint guidelines a completed application and full review will be required.

The Commission considers the following criteria in reviewing an application:

  1. Compatibility and relationship of existing and proposed materials

  2. Compatibility and relationship of proposed colors

  3. Details and scale of proposed changes to the building

  4. Proportion of building’s visible facades

  5. Proportion of openings within building’s visible facade

  6. Rhythm of solids to voids in visible facades

  7. Rhythm of spacing of buildings on street

  8. Rhythm of entrance and/or porch projections

  9. Relationship of textures

  10. Relationship of architectural details

  11. Relationship of roof shapes

  12. Walls of continuity

  13. Relationship of landscaping to the building and to the street

  14. Fences, site furniture, signage and ground cover

  15. Scale of proposed changes to the building

  16. Directional expression of front elevation

  17. Height


To find your Historic Designation, please refer to the Searchable Historic District List.

(A Definition)

An Historic District is a group of properties that has been designated because it has special character, historic significance and/or aesthetic value. A district may contain a variety of styles or periods, but must represent a distinct area of the community. All properties in an Historic District need not be historic, yet all properties in the Historic District of Flemington are subject to review by the HPC.


Because of the important history of the Borough of Flemington and the beautiful array of architectural styles and building types, sixty five percent (65%) of the area is included in the Historic District. The District is listed on both the State of New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places.

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