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The following is HPC’s Position Paper on the Union Hotel and the Main Street Redevelopment Plan. The plan and design were conceptually presented to the public in February, 2016 by Redeveloper Jack Cust.

In March 2016, the HPC prepared this Position Paper to detail their thoughts on this extremely important project. The paper can be found on the Forms & Docs page as well as by clicking this link. In summary, the paper states that:

1. The Flemington Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) fully supports the Borough’s Master Plan (MP) and Hunterdon County’s Economic Development Study (CEDS), and believes that historic preservation is an integral component to achieving the goals of the MP and CEDS.

2. The Historic District Review Ordinance, 2010-17, was established for the following purposes:

  • Safeguarding the heritage of Flemington Borough by preserving its historical, cultural, social, economic and architectural resources:

  • Encouraging the continued use of historic buildings, structures and sites and to facilitate their appropriate re-use;

  • Maintaining and developing a harmonious setting for the historically significant buildings, structures, sites, objects and district;

  • Preventing the demolition or relocation of historic resources;

  • Preventing new construction or development which is not in keeping with or that negatively impacts the ambiance and character of the Historic District.

3. The HPC recognizes that the area between the Union Hotel and Chorister Place has been designated as an Area in Need of Redevelopment, and as such, the redevelopment efforts may be subject to a different set of criteria than other development efforts within the Borough, depending on the specifications of the approved Redevelopment Plan. The HPC recommends that the Redevelopment Committee (RC) incorporate elements of the Borough’s existing Historic District Review Ordinance into the Redevelopment Plan. Further, HPC recommends compliance with the “Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties”.

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